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Our vision is clear: we're committed to revolutionising the way people buy, sell, and collect wine.

We believe that wine investment should be accessible and straightforward for everyone. To bring this vision to life, we founded Accru. A secure wine investment platform that meets our own high standards and coupled this with unparalleled customer service.

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Every wine collector, investor, and enthusiast deserves visibility and control over their wine portfolio. With our purpose-built customer portal, you’ll have the convenience of being able to manage your investments on the go, whilst having the assurances that our team of friendly professionals are carefully overseeing your wine assets in the background.

It’s innovation and forward-thinking applied to what is traditionally a ‘closed-door’ industry, meaning that you get to work with experts and own those high performing, investment-grade wines that were once unobtainable to the everyday investor. 

Customer Portal

Through our dedicated portal, you'll enjoy a comprehensive view of your investment. You'll receive regular updates on the current value of your portfolio in real time, allowing you to keep track of how your investments are performing. You’ll have transparency on the allocation of your capital and insights into which regions are outperforming others, helping you make informed decisions about your holdings and how best to grow your portfolio. 


That's not all – our portal goes beyond tracking and information. You'll have the convenience of being able to add to your portfolio at the click of a button, as well as buying and selling wine directly through the platform. 

For the ultimate enjoyment, you can even arrange for your wines to be delivered to your doorstep and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home! 

Accru Customer Benefits

We are wholeheartedly committed to delivering excellent service and support. We take pride in ensuring that all investors have access to a comprehensive range of Accru benefits, including:

Bespoke Portfolio
Bespoke Portfolio.png

Your objectives, the amount of capital and your risk tolerances are all taken into consideration before we begin. You will receive a tailored portfolio suggestion based on your criteria.

Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Account Manager_edited.png

You will have an account manager that’s contactable, that knows you and understands your objectives.

Join the revolution and let us show you how to Accru.

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