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Firstly, it's important that we get to
know you.

The more we understand about you as a person and an investor, the better we can tailor your portfolio. This doesn’t include things like your favourite movie or restaurant, just the important stuff we need to know, such as:


  • Time horizon.

  • Risk appetite.

  • Funds available.

  • Experience level – novice or wine expert?

Because wine isn’t off-the-shelf or ready-made, if you are looking to invest, buy, sell or collect wines then you should be taking time to explain these requirements to one of our team. 

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We build your portfolio

Balance and stability are paramount to any wine portfolio so you can rest assured they’ll listen carefully to your objectives, your reasons why and how it all fits together with the rest of your portfolio. No experience necessary, as we’ll take these details and use them to tailor-make your very own wine portfolio. 

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You approve and deploy funds

Once you’ve given us the thumbs up, it’s now time to deploy your funds and we’ll proceed with acquiring and allocate the assets to you. Like anything you buy, as you’ll have full ownership of the portfolio you need to be 100% satisfied and you’ll only pay the balance once you’re completely happy with what you’re buying. 

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Get to grips with the portal

Finally, you'll receive access to the Accru Portal giving you full control of your portfolio along with digital copies of your ownership documentation and a big welcome to the Accru family!

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