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Wine consitently outperforms 
mainstream investment sectors

year after year.

Track record

Wine isn’t a one trick pony. It’s well rounded, robust and has a track-record of success, thriving in various economic situations. It displayed its resilience by delivered strong returns during both the global pandemic and the financial collapse. This versatility sets wine apart, showcasing its ability to outperform tangible and non-tangible asset classes.

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Liv-Ex August 2023

Wine versus everything

It’s likely you’ll want to make comparisons to other investments you have, so it’s worth knowing we’re a team of investment focused wine lovers, with security and stability paramount in everything we do, so of course we’ve already done this too. 

We’re also true believers in correct diversification, which is to invest in uncorrelated industries with driving forces that aren’t connected – like the wine market and the stock market. That way, you can seek comfort in knowing you’ve got added protection against whatever storms the financial world might throw at you, and your wine portfolio will deliver when most others won’t. This is the secret to why investors, big and small, continue to invest a portion of their portfolio into this ‘safe haven’ asset class. That’s especially true if you have a low-risk appetite and hold financial stability in higher regard than most.

Research shows us that the wine market has delivered some exceptionally strong returns when directly compared to various alternative asset classes, especially true when the broader financial markets are going through tumultuous times. 

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How does it grow?

The wine market is driven by the fundamental laws of supply and demand economics, meaning it remains relatively unscathed compared to other financial assets such as bonds or stocks during times of market volatility and uncertainty.

Fine wine is produced with a very limited supply and benefits from an ever-growing demand that dramatically outweighs this supply. Because its primary purpose is to be consumed, the dwindling of the supply over time is inevitable. As it's consumed, the demand for the wine grows and the exact opposite happens to the supply. This increases scarcity and price, and that’s how it grows in value.

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